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What is Tap-Tap?

The Tap-Tap game is a variant of the Simon Says or Touch Me game. Tap-Tap is a memory game whose aim is to reproduce series of sequences defined at random.
The complexity of the game evolves over time.

How does a part of the Tap-Tap game take place?

The computer will display a series of colors.
The user will, in turn, have to repeat the series by pressing the colors.
If the user succeeds, the series becomes longer and longer and more complex.
Otherwise the game ends.

What is the point of the Tap-Tap game?

The goal is to increase visual attention, reflection, concentration, reflex and speed.
Finally , this contributes to the development of the gray matter which contains the cellular bodies in certain parts of the brain.
The developed areas are: the cerebral cortex, the hippocampus and the cerebellum.

Subject related to the Tap-Tap game
It is both a board game, comparable to a card game, a word game or a puzzle game which uses memory like a puzzle game or strategy and deduction.
Both a puzzle game or a secret code game. This game is the combination of a Solitaire (Patience) and 2048
For children, it is an awakening game but also intended for adults.


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