Code Breaker 2

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What is CodeBreaker ?

The game CodeBreaker or Master Mind is a board game whose goal is to find a code. The CodeBreaker is a game of reflection, and deduction on several levels of difficulty.
Thanks to the different levels, the rules of the CodeBreaker can be easily modulated to adapt to all.

What is the interest of CodeBreaker?

The goal of the CodeBreaker is to guess, by successive deductions, the color and position of the 5 pins hidden behind a screen. Beginners can adopt a less difficult formula by hiding only 3 or 4 pins and using only 6 colors instead of 8.

How does a game of CodeBreaker take place?

The player fills the current line with the colored chips.
At the validation of the line, the number of pins corresponds by its position and its color to a hidden pawn is indicated by a value in the black circle. The number of pawns corresponds only by its color is indicated in the white circle.

Subject related to CodeBreaker

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