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What is Spider Solitaire?

Spider is played with two sets of 52 traditional cards.
We spread 54 cards over 10 columns to form the table (the 4 columns on the left have 6 cards, and the 6 on the right have 5) and we form a stub with the 50 remaining cards.
We can also play with 8 decks of 52 cards

How does a game of Spider Solitaire take place?

The goal is to remove all the cards from the game in a minimum of moves.

We can move a card:

- either on an empty column
- or on a card of immediately higher rank whatever their color

We can move a series of cards of the same color.

When no column is empty, when desired or if we can no longer make any movement, then we add a row of cards visible from the heel, until it runs out (5 dealt es of 10 cards).

As soon as we have a continuation of the ace to the king (from bottom to top) of the same suit, we remove it from the game.

How to count the points at the Spider Solitaire?
The score starts at 500 points.
Each move, or cancellation of a move, reduces this score by 1 point.
When a suite is complete it is removed from the game and gives a bonus of 100 points.
The theoretically achievable maximum score is therefore 500 (initial points) + 800 (for the withdrawal of the 8 suites) - 40 (for the minimum movements necessary to reveal the 40 cards which are displayed from the back at the start of the part, and for which at least 1 movement per card is necessary to be revealed) -10 (because there are 10 columns, and for the last back card revealed for each column it is still necessary at least 1 movement to integrate it into a continuation in progress) = 1,250 points.

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