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What is Celestine called?

The Celestine game is a variant of the game Simon Says or Touch Me. Celestine is a memory game whose goal is to reproduce a sequence of color produced by the computer.
Thanks to the different levels, the complexity of the game can be easily scalable to fit everyone.
Develop your brain with many challenging levels.

What is the interest of Celestine game?

The goal of the game is to repeat the sequence of purpose tapped on the screen in the same order as it occurred.
If the user succeeds, the series becomes longer and more complex. Otherwise the game stops

How is part of the Celestine game played?

The computer will display a color. The user will then have to press it.
If the user then succeeds the computer add a color to the previous sequence.
At each turn the series becomes longer and more complex.

Subject related to the game Célestine

It is at the same time a game of society, comparable to a card game or a game of reflection that uses memory as a game of enigma or strategy and deduction.
Both a puzzle game or a secret code game.
For children, it is a game of enlightenment but also destined for the family.


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